Review: Pham Sushi – Best Sushi in London?

I’m about to wrap up Jamaican cooking week, but thought I’d add a new London restaurant review to the mix – Pham Sushi. I am a complete sushi addict. Hands down, my favorite thing about growing up in Los Angeles was the delicious and cheap sushi at places like Noshi Sushi, and I’ve been missing good sushi like crazy over here in England.

This month, Jon and I tried out a few sushi places in London, and Pham is definitely our favorite place in the city so far. Pham operates both a formal restaurant and a more low key sushi takeway shop across the street. The fish is incredibly juicy and fresh – it really melts in your mouth. Both times that we went, I ordered a bento box and sake, and Jon ordered Japanese beer and the house sushi special.

The bento box comes with different types of nigiri sushi everyday. One time it came with mackerel nigiri which was absolutely AMAZING – a perfect mix of slightly salty fish and sour vinegared rice. It would never have occurred to me to order mackerel sushi, but now it’s one of my favorites.


Jon’s House Sushi Platter

Jon’s Review: “This is possibly what God would make if he was a sushi chef.”

Pham Sushi, 159 Whitecross St  London, Greater London EC1Y 8JL, 020 7251 6336, Near Old Street Tube Stop. Closed Sundays.

Other sushi places we tried this month, which weren’t as good as Pham were: Eat Tokyo near Piccadilly Circus, the all you can eat sushi buffet at Hi Sushi in Covent Garden, and Ichiban in Brixton.

Japan Centre near Green Park actually has great cheap sushi for takeaway, and they also sell a wide range of Japanese products. Japan Centre’s sushi is a great cheap snack before a West End theatre show! Definitely better than comparable takeout sushi options Wasabi and Yo Sushi.

Review: Gluten Free Ethiopian Food on Brick Lane (London)

IMG_3627The traditional recipe for Ethiopian injera bread is gluten free (it’s made with teff flour, not wheat flour), but many contemporary Ethiopian restaurants use wheat flour in their recipes. I’ve been craving gluten free injera for awhile. Last week, I discovered incredible gluten free Ethiopian food at one of the stalls in the Brick Lane food market in London. For 4.50 pounds, you can get a plate with an injera wrap filled with three sauces, and a mix of side salads. They have an incredible spicy green sauce that adds an extra punch to the dish. I’ve been back two weekends in a row now to get my fix!

There are multiple Ethiopian stalls on Brick Lane, so make sure you go to the right one – Yemama Gojjo! Here’s a picture.


The Old Truman Brewery’s Boiler House Food Hall. 152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU. This is in a food market on Brick Lane (located in an inside food market just north of the Life Cafe, on the same side of the street as Life Cafe). Open year-round, Saturday and Sunday from around 11am to 6pm.

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