“Vosges Naga” Style Curry Chocolate Bar

I’ve always loved Vosges’ Naga chocolate bar – it’s a delicious milk chocolate bar with an intense curry chocolate taste. However, I’ve had a really tough time finding it around New York City recently, so the other day I was inspired to try making my own!

I used Trader Joe’s Belgian Chocolate as a base. A cashier there recently told me that chocolate shops in Chelsea actually buy it in bulk to make their own chocolate (sneaky, right?), so I figure it’d work well. The results were DELICIOUS, not to mention, I was able to make a giant batch for about $4, which is a big improvement on the normal price of $8 for a tiny bar. Here’s how to make it.

* Trader Joe’s 1 pound “Imported from Belgium” milk chocolate bar
* Curry powder (I used mild curry powder from Safeway)
* Optional toppings (I used pistachios)

1. Line an 8×8 glass baking pan with wax paper.

2. break up the 1 pound Trader Joe’s milk chocolate Belgian chocolate bar into smaller pieces, and place in a saute pan over low heat. Stir continuously until the chocolate is smoothly melted.

3. Mix in at least 3 Tablespoons of curry powder, or more, (to taste).

4. Pour the melted chocolate into the lined baking pan, smooth, and top with additional ingredients as desired (I used pistachio pieces). Let cool in the fridge for at least 4 hours.

5. Remove the chocolate from the baking pan. Run a chefs knife under hot water. Use it to slice the chocolate bar into manageable chunks. Enjoy!

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