Review: El Coraloense Tacos (and LA Taco Madness Festival)

Today was the annual LA Taco Madness Festival in Grand Park in downtown LA. The free festival brought together some of the best taco trucks and stores from around LA.  I had very high expectations for this event, and boy were they were met!

We tried a bunch of different stalls, but my favorite tacos by far were from El Coraloense, a taco place with locations in Downey and Bell Gardens, CA. They had an incredible ceviche tostada with fresh mango salsa – so refreshing on such a hot day. Their fish “taco revolcado” was my favorite thing on their menu (pictured above). It was a grilled fish with a fantastic seasoning served with salsa, cabbage, and vegetables. After getting one round of tacos, we waited in line for another 20 minutes to get seconds at this stall. I think a trip to Bell Gardens is in my future.


We didn’t get a chance to try any tacos from  Marisco Jalisco, which I’ve heard routinely wins the “Best Taco” prize  at this festival, but  they’re located near downtown, so we plan to go sometime in the next few weeks.

Me and Jon at LA Taco Madness
Me and Jon at LA Taco Madness


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