Review: Scoops Icecream in Los Angeles, CA

Scoops is one of my favorite places in Los Angeles. It’s located in a trendy enclave called “Hel Mel” – the unofficial bike district of LA. I first heard about Scoops because it’s in the council district of a local politician I interned for in college, and after going one afternoon with coworkers, I was hooked.

What I love about Scoops is how whimsical it is. Everyday, the owner dreams up new crazy icecream flavors, and you never know what you’re going to get. Other than the staple flavor, brown bread (which sadly isn’t gluten-free veggie appropriate), every flavor changes daily. There’s always a vegan option or two.


Here are the owners of Scoops (picture courtesy of Serious Eats).

My favorite flavors include strawberry poppyseed balsamic, thai iced tea, and green tea jasmine. Also, the prices can’t be beat! For a little over $2, you can get “one scoop” which includes two different flavors.

Scoops also sells its icecream in Golden State cafe on Fairfax Ave., but the Hel Mel location is the best.

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