Review: Gluten Free Ethiopian Food on Brick Lane (London)

IMG_3627The traditional recipe for Ethiopian injera bread is gluten free (it’s made with teff flour, not wheat flour), but many contemporary Ethiopian restaurants use wheat flour in their recipes. I’ve been craving gluten free injera for awhile. Last week, I discovered incredible gluten free Ethiopian food at one of the stalls in the Brick Lane food market in London. For 4.50 pounds, you can get a plate with an injera wrap filled with three sauces, and a mix of side salads. They have an incredible spicy green sauce that adds an extra punch to the dish. I’ve been back two weekends in a row now to get my fix!

There are multiple Ethiopian stalls on Brick Lane, so make sure you go to the right one – Yemama Gojjo! Here’s a picture.


The Old Truman Brewery’s Boiler House Food Hall. 152 Brick Lane, E1 6RU. This is in a food market on Brick Lane (located in an inside food market just north of the Life Cafe, on the same side of the street as Life Cafe). Open year-round, Saturday and Sunday from around 11am to 6pm.

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