Review: Mulu’s “Pop-Up” Ethiopian Night in Oxford, UK

IMG_2736I am really into Ethiopian food, and when I was an undergraduate student in New York City, I used to love eating at Zoma, an incredible Ethiopian place in Harlem. As far as I’m aware, there aren’t any Ethiopian restaurants in Oxford. However, I recently found out that there ARE incredible “Pop-Up” Ethiopian nights in town, where Ethiopian cooks take over local restaurants for a night, and serve up some amazing eats!

I’ve gone to Mulu’s Ethiopian “Pop Up” Night at the Magic Cafe in Cowley three times now, and have not been disappointed. The chef, Freha, grew up in Ethiopia, and used to run a local restaurant with her family there. She now recreates her family’s recipes at the pop-up in Oxford. Mulu serves a wide range of both meat and vegetarian dishes, and although their traditional injera bread is not gluten free (some recipes are), the organizers of the event- Freha and David – have been extremely accommodating, and always provide gluten-free bread for me to eat.

The last time I went to Mulu’s was two Saturdays ago, and as always, I had an amazing meal with friends. We also sampled their “Tej,” which is a traditional Ethiopian honey mead wine, and it was fantastic. After dinner,  Freha provided a showcase of Ethiopian dancing.

If you’re interested in booking the next Ethiopian night at Mulu, or want to get more information about their Ethiopian feasts, you can email

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