Recipe: Homemade Sushi

IMG_2658This weekend, we had a sushi-making party at our house, and we made several types of sushi rolls, including salmon, tamago (egg omelet) , and spicy tuna. I’ve been into sushi-making for awhile – I took Japanese for four years in high school, and often made sushi for class projects. It was really fun to share my sushi tips with housemates, and the sushi we made was probably the best sushi in Oxford (there’s not much competition here).

I bought the fish at a local fishmonger that is located in the Oxford Covered Market, and it was extremely fresh. I looked for fish that was smooth and uniform in color.


Fresh slices of raw salmon – yum!

Ingredients :

  • white rice
  • sushi seasoning (a vinegar you pour on the rice after it’s done cooking)
  • fillings: fish, egg, avocado etc. (note that fake crab meat is NOT gluten free. It’s made of wheat)
  • sushi nori (seaweed sheets)
  • bamboo sushi mat

Directions for sushi rolls:

Cook at least 3 cups of rice until soft, and add sushi seasoning when cooked.

Put it in a bowl to cool (you can’t begin making sushi until the rice is room temperature –  it burns your hands and shrinks the seaweed). Next, prepare your fillings – cut the fish into strips, slice the avocado, and fry the egg. One of my favorite sushi fillings is “spicy tuna”. To make this filling, mix fresh tuna (1 piece)  with sliced green onions, a tablespoon of mayonnaise, and about a tablespoon of sriracha hot sauce.


The filling for “spicy tuna” rolls

To make the sushi, place one sheet of nori on a sushi mat, and follow these directions for placing ingredients and rolling the sushi into rolls.

A couple of pointers: make sure you wet your fingers before adding rice/fillings to the nori. Otherwise, everything sticks to your hands. I find that the hardest part of making sushi is actually cutting the rolls. I use a very sharp knife, and make sure I dip the knife into water before I make each slice. This is definitely not traditional or professional, but it allows you to make a pretty roll.

Serve with gluten-free soy sauce and wasabi.


Our sushi feast!

Directions for nigiri:

You can also make “nigiri” or stand alone pieces of sushi. To do this, cut your fish into thin slices, and place them on top of a ball of sushi rice. This worked really well with the salmon.

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